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  • Utilising social CRM for business benefit

    Social networking has become a vital part of the marketing machine, with businesses of all kinds reaping the rewards of this level of customer interaction. It can provide valuable data as well, giving companies the chance to boost business intelligence and carefully monitor brand perceptions whilst improving customer relationships at the same time, but with so much to go through it can be difficult to stay on top of things. Unless, of course, you implement a social CRM strategy to

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  • 2013 is truly the year of the mobile

    In recent years there’s been a major shift in the marketing arena—the shift from desktop to mobile. The last few months in particular have seen enormous growth in the sector with the entire landscape having changed in a relatively short space of time, and if you thought 2012 was big for mobile you haven’t seen anything yet! The first half of 2013 has witnessed even more growth with brands increasingly using this channel to target consumers, and it seems to

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  • Is all publicity good publicity?

    There was once a time when any publicity was thought to be good for business. Even negative media coverage got a brand noticed and it was usually pretty easy to start the PR machine and get things back on track, but these days that’s no longer the case. The transparent and immediate nature of today’s online society means brands need to be careful—if they miss the mark the negative publicity can quickly spiral out of control, and if that happens

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  • How to make your press release work for you

    Press releases are a core part of any marketing campaign, having the power to get the attention you need for the sales you want. But, you need to spend time making sure your release is up to scratch—unless it hits the right notes it won’t generate the level of interest you’re after and the whole exercise will have been pointless, so we’ve put together a few tips that can ensure your press release will work for you and your business.


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  • Internet Marketing

    JPR have a wealth of experience in Internet marketing. Our internet marketing team consists of the very best online brand designers, website designers, web developers, SEO and SEM specialists. We gain brand exposure online through a mix powerful mix of internet marketing and technology, and not only that we make sure your brand and offering is best in class.

    Our focus is adding value to your brand, increasing sales revenue through online transaction, sales enquiry and outward marketing and promotion.

    PR Company

    JPR Marketing is an established PR and internet marketing company working with clients throughout the UK. With a journalist background and expertise in editorial JPR offers a high quality and uncompromising Public Relations service.

    JPR are not just a PR Company and offer a wide range of business promotion services.

  • Marketing Nottingham

    JPR Marketing Nottingham offer a wide range of offline and internet marketing services. JPR Marketing began life as a web design and internet marketing company and now PR and Marketing agency to offer full service.

    Our core focus is developing brand and revenue generation for our clients in relevant media. We tailor bespoke marketing strategy for every project. JPR Marketing Nottingham have a proven track record servicing companies throughout the UK.

    PR Nottingham

    We are a PR Nottingham and Marketing Company. Nottingham is the capital of digital communications, internet marketing, web design and development and is rich in PR Companies, Marketing Agencies and Digital Agencies. We compete with experience, technology and through employing the very best minds in the area to offer value and an effective marketing service. With years of experience in a broad mix of marketing areas we match appropriate solutions to client requirement.

    We are a PR Nottingham company by location but we service clients throughout the UK, and internationally.