Google Makes a New Privacy Stand

google missing analytics Google Makes a New Privacy StandThis week, Google announced on it’s Analytics blog that it will be encrypting search result URLs for Gmail users as part of its public drive to improve Google’s image relating to privacy and its user’s personal information. Basically, this means that if visitors to your website are logged in to their Google account, Google won’t track the visit in detail like it usually would.

This is potentially a huge kick in the teeth to small web businesses who rely on Google’s free Analytics package to help them start their fledgling web businesses. Not only that, but website’s that have a large proportion of visitors who are likely to be logged in to a Google account are most likely to be affected.

Google says that the changes won’t affect most website’s stats, but some have forecast that

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy On Twitter?

Going about your day to day business on Twitter, it is normal to encounter several Twitter users in one day. Some of the users will be seasoned pros whereas others will be newbies testing out the water. Whether you are a pro or a newbie to internet marketing and social media, we have put together five key points that could put people off following you on Twitter. Read on to see if you are you own worst enemy on Twitter.

1. Scheduled tweets – we don’t think there is anything wrong with scheduled tweets per se, but we do think that other users should know that you have scheduled a tweet. You could mark them with [ST] at the start or the end seeing as you only have 140 characters per tweet. The reason we suggest noting scheduled tweets is so other Twitter users don’t think you’re ignoring

Instant Analytics – Google Steps Up Its Offering

Having a website that loads pages quickly is a small but a proven positive step towards helping your website appear higher in the search engine results for your key terms. It seems to have been a long time coming, but Google now are also improving their speeds with their new, improved free analytics software.

Currently results take approximatively an hour to two hours to show on Google Analytics. By default you’re shown a date range ranging from a month ago up until yesterday’s date to hide the incomplete (and sometimes confusing) results from today’s results. Sorting out the Analytics data obviously costs Google money so it’s no surprise that there’s other paid Analytics programs out there which have more features which include realtime results.

Now Google Analytics have announced that they will be offering free “realtime” Analytics in the next couple of weeks where you can see traffic data within minutes of

Is it too early to write off Google Plus?

Since Google+ launched in June 2011, Google has tried every trick in the book to try and corner the social market and steal market share from its rival, Facebook. They started out well when the service was made available by invite only, but it all went quiet until it was opened to the public… and then it went all quiet again. The latest reports suggest that Google+’s traffic has dropped by 60% since it opened to the public on 20th September 2011.

A couple of weeks later after Google+ was opened to the public, positive column inches about Google+ are still hard to find. Google have poured a lot of time, effort and money into creating Google+ and trying to keep it going so what is going so wrong?

Firstly, in Google’s defence, Google+ hasn’t even been going for 6 months and has over 25 million registered accounts compared to 800

Marketing 101- Apple

 Marketing 101  AppleUnless you have been living under a rock for the last few days, you know know that Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple passed away this week. In his later years, Steve Jobs was known for his battle with pancreatic cancer and whilst he survived for an amazing seven years after diagnosis, most sufferers only live for an average of 6 months as it is so hard to diagnose. Hopefully, Steve will be remembered for more than just being a demanding CEO who died in his 50′s after a long illness. We think that Steve Jobs will ultimately be remembered for creating one of the world’s most powerful and recognised brands ever seen.

It seems as though anybody looking for a case study about how the 4 P’s taught in ‘Marketing 101‘ need look no further than

Software for Architects – Union Square

software for architects union square Software for Architects   Union SquareAs an architect, there will be certain tools you cannot live without to be able to complete your job to a high standard.  Over the decades, architecture has improved with the help of computer-aided design, but architects still need sketching and drafting tools, measuring devices and cameras.

To ensure everything is organised and in order when an architect is working on the project, the simplest item to use these days is software specifically developed for architects.  You need to be able to store and organise documents, to carry out project accounting, and manage your emails. Whereby these items may have all been separate entities, now Workspace is a programme that integrates everything making your workload streamlined.

Workspace is an incredibly popular software programme used by thousands of architects throughout the

Facebook Tracks Your Every Move – Even After You Log Out

facebook cookies Facebook Tracks Your Every Move – Even After You Log OutWe couldn’t let this little whoopsie on Facebook’s part pass without comment after all, Facebook regularly comes under fire due to their seemingly lax privacy policies.


The story broke last week that Facebook was tracking visitors on websites that integrate with Facebook even after they had logged out of their accounts. The story went public when a self-confessed hacker noticed that cookies weren’t being deleted when users logged out, so after getting no joy when he told Facebook about their error, he wrote a blog about the problem to provoke a response and a fix.


Understandably, web users are concerned about this invasion of privacy whether it was intended or not. Facebook say that users’ data is safe and won’t be sold on but this is scant consolation if you