Beers of Europe claims UK’s biggest Belgian Beers range

Our clients Beers of Europe went on a tear in 2013, hugely expanding their e-commerce presence online with a range of digital marketing initiatives.

Now, the King’s Lynn based beer and cider retailer is set to hit the ground running in 2014, and we’re delighted to continue working with them on social media and copywriting projects.

The firm has an unbeatable range of beers for sale online, including the largest range of Belgian beers available in the UK.


An insight into the mobile habits of Twitter users

Creating a solid marketing campaign all comes down to knowing your audience and understanding when they’ll be the most receptive. That’s why data is key. Utilising consumer data allows us to target our campaigns to stand the best possible chance of delivering the necessary impact, and with social media and mobile use being such core parts of many people’s daily lives this is an area that deserves special attention. Luckily, new research has given us an insight into the mobile habits of Twitter users, and the data generated could be put to exceptional use in marketing campaigns.


Free Tweeting Twitter Bird Icon An insight into the mobile habits of Twitter users

Twitter has helpfully published a study to give advertisers a better understanding of the habits of its primary mobile audience,

Give it up for Lent

Whilst many give up chocolate and sweet indulgences for Lent, Nestlé and Cadbury battle it out in the temptation field as Easter draws nearer with their new novelty products. With a 5.5% year-on-year slump in sales of traditional shell eggs last Easter according to Kantar Worldpanel, this year sees both companies striving to add an extra USP to their seasonal product range. We ask how their different marketing strategies could result in possible damages to Nestlé, or how they in fact work together from opposing sides of the apparent battlefield to ensure steady sales for both.

Cadbury Egg n Spoon2 Give it up for Lent
It has been a long run for Cadburys since the beginning of January. Their heavy advertising of the Cadbury Creme Egg deserves a congratulations, not only for achieving early wide-spread coverage of the

Costa a shining example of marketing done well

Here at JPR we love seeing examples of brands that get their marketing campaigns spot on, and one that’s particularly worthy of mention is Costa. The coffee chain stole the show at the recent Marketing Week’s Data Strategy Awards 2013—not only did it come out on top in the Retail and Loyalty Marketing categories but it won overall Grand Prix too, and as well as all that the chain has managed to solidify itself as the largest coffee brand in the UK.

costa Costa a shining example of marketing done well

It’s this level of growth that’s so impressive, particularly given the largely disloyal nature of the coffee category. Coffee drinkers tend to flit between brands without a second thought, but Costa has managed to buck the trend by turning its customers in loyal brand advocates—clever loyalty marketing is

Supermarket slump after horse meat scandal

The horsemeat scandal has, unsurprisingly, had an enormous impact on the perception of brands caught up in it. Reputation scores have plummeted since the news broke last month and with more brands found to be carrying horsemeat in their products it’s only getting worse, and the knock-on effect means it’s actually tarnishing the reputation of the supermarket industry as a whole.

So far it seems that Tesco has been hit the hardest, and considering it was one of the first retailers found to have had horsemeat in its products it isn’t hard to see why. Their image was further damaged this week when their Everyday Value Spaghetti Bolognese was found to contain horsemeat DNA too, and according to YouGov’s BrandIndex scores their reputation has dropped dramatically.

But, Tesco isn’t the only supermarket to have been hit. Just about every major supermarket has suffered a drop in consumer confidence with Aldi being

Are you on eBay and Amazon yet?

As an ecommerce business you need to make sure you’re attracting attention from every angle, generating interest from potential customers and ultimately making the sales you need to boost your profit margin to new heights. Of course, to really do this you need to think outside the box—don’t just stick to regular means of selling and marketing your brand but consider alternatives as well, and eBay and Amazon should be at the top of the agenda.

 Are you on eBay and Amazon yet?

Think about it—when people shop online they often head to these two stalwarts, so by not having a channel there you’re effectively missing out on a huge section of the marketplace. You could enjoy a whole new audience for the simple fact of being a part of these two sites, and could easily

Make the most of ecommerce marketing in 2013

Happy New Year! Today could well be the day you’re getting back into work after the festive season, but you don’t have to go diving straight in—a new year is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate things to see how you’ll move forwards in the year ahead, and ecommerce marketing is one area you’ll want to focus on. So just how can you make the most of it in 2013? Well, read on…

shopping cart success rate Make the most of ecommerce marketing in 2013There are three core aspects you’ll want to incorporate into any ecommerce marketing campaign, namely content marketing, social media and remarketing. Great content is always going to give you a boost in the rankings war for the simple reason that it appeals to your target market as well as search engines—it should be the foundation of any campaign and

Will 2013 be the year of Facebook marketing?

Facebook advertising has been on the horizon for some time now, but there’s been a lot of debate over how effective it actually is. The site is primarily a tool for engagement and social interaction rather than all-out advertising and that’s meant a lot of brands haven’t yet taken advantage of the various marketing opportunities offered by the platform, but 2013 could be the year it all changes.

facebook ads2 Will 2013 be the year of Facebook marketing?A recent high-profile partnership between Facebook and Walmart has shown the potential that this form of advertising can bring. Over the Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend, the biggest in the online shopping calendar, the pair teamed up to create a targeted social media campaign with impressive results—sales were up, as was audience engagement, with an additional 164,000 Facebook fans for the US shopping giant.

For Facebook, the implications

Don’t let your marketing plan slip after Christmas

Has everyone had a good Christmas? We hope so! Hopefully you’re recovering after a day full of Christmas cheer, but that doesn’t mean you can sit on your laurels. Oh no. In the marketing world you can never get complacent, and that’s why you should never let your marketing plan slip after Christmas.

Post-Christmas is just as important as pre-Christmas in this industry, and you wouldn’t want to lose out after all that hard work. Yes, you needed to make sure you get customers through the door (so to speak) before the big day, but what about afterwards? People will be itching to get their hands on some post-Christmas bargains with this period often being just as busy as the weeks before, particularly in the current climate when everyone wants to get their hands on a good deal, so don’t overlook this vital section of the market.

A new dimension of loyalty

Brands have always liked to reward their loyal customers. Whether it’s in the form of points, vouchers or some other method, customers feel like they’re valued and that by choosing one brand over another they’re getting a tangible benefit, but these days loyalty schemes are going up a notch. In order to meet increasing customer demands of relevancy, immediacy and social recognition a lot of brands are going social in their loyalty schemes, taking CRM to a whole new level.

The rise of social media has meant customers expect more from their brands than ever before. Time frames for communication have shifted dramatically with consumers expecting an increasingly quick response, but they also expect to have a better relationship with the brand as a whole. It’s moved from simple transactions to interactions—consumers want to be recognised and they also want relevant experiences, and this new model of loyalty