How the consumer perceives your product or your brand is very important to a business, just like when you meet someone and first impressions go along way, this is the same when it comes to your brand power identity which in turn influences your brand power!

Here at JPR we are dedicated to helping businesses like yours achieve dynamic growth. We are a strategic branding agency who delivers success by understanding and defining compelling strategies in order to engage customers with your brand.

There are many benefits to brand identity:

  • Ensures that your brand is seen in a positive and professional light.
  • A professionally designed Brand Identity will show that you are committed to presenting your company as a major contender in your market.
  • Perceived quality has been shown to positively affect customer usage.
  • Ensures that your brand is recognised and remembered.
  • Strong graphics are a method of communicating with customers that is more quickly understood than text alone.


A brand identity represents your company’s values, services, ideas and personality in a positive light that can create recognition and in turn increase profit for your company. A consistent, well-positioned and well-designed brand can generate loyalty from your customers, and put you strides ahead of your competitors.

Can I create a brand identity myself? You ask.

Well, it’s all very well and good designing a logo, a distinctive font and colour scheme, but it’s how you choose them and pull them all together that sets you apart from your competitors. If your brand identity is not maximised then it will not make a difference whether you have one or not.

A brand identity really is powerful and necessary for your company’s reputation, profits and image as a whole. Isn’t that what you want from your brand?

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