Will 2013 be the year of Facebook marketing?

Facebook advertising has been on the horizon for some time now, but there’s been a lot of debate over how effective it actually is. The site is primarily a tool for engagement and social interaction rather than all-out advertising and that’s meant a lot of brands haven’t yet taken advantage of the various marketing opportunities offered by the platform, but 2013 could be the year it all changes.

facebook ads2 Will 2013 be the year of Facebook marketing?A recent high-profile partnership between Facebook and Walmart has shown the potential that this form of advertising can bring. Over the Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend, the biggest in the online shopping calendar, the pair teamed up to create a targeted social media campaign with impressive results—sales were up, as was audience engagement, with an additional 164,000 Facebook fans for the US shopping giant.

For Facebook, the implications

Jagermeister looks to change its image

Think Jagermeister and chances are it conjures up images of Jager Bombs, drunkenness and dingy clubs. Well, that’s an image that the brand wants to change. Rather than being seen as a party drink, Jagermeister want to position the herbal liqueur as a premium alternative to other spirits, and it’s about to embark on its biggest UK marketing push to date.

JAGERMEISTER Jagermeister looks to change its image

The £4m campaign will focus on convincing consumers that it’s a drink to be savoured rather than one to get drunk on, educating people on how to serve it (as an ice-cold shot) whilst changing the perception of it in the process. Although a lot of the brand’s success so far has been as a result of the Jager Bomb association, marketing execs feel that it waters down the brand—that’s why they

Your website- the focus of your marketing activity.

As a marketer, the whole point of your job is to get people interested in the business you’re promoting. You’ll need to implement a number of different methods in an attempt to get that kind of attention, but at the end of the day it’s important to remember that the website should always be the focus of your marketing activities. After all, it’s where you’re directing all those potential clients and it’s the key to getting those conversions, and that’s why we thought we’d show you a few examples of websites that have that kind of impact:

Ronhill.com. Sleek, stylish and oozing visual appeal, this is a website that demands attention. The combination of an effective colour scheme and simple navigation compels people to take a look around, and it perfectly hits the mark too—by offering high-end performance gear in a high-end website it’s instantly appealing to its target

Juno Media now on the Recommended Agency Register

Good news this week from Juno Media, JPR Marketing’s big brother. A few clients have recommended us via the Recommended Agency Register, or RAR, so we’re now part of this database of some of the most successful marketing services agencies. This is sure to open lots of doors for the whole of Juno Media.

The RAR is a huge register of some of the best marketing services companies around. It’s a real badge of honour to be included, and now Juno Media is rubbing shoulders with some of the most successful marketing, PR, web and design companies in the country.

Logo 588x313 Juno Media now on the Recommended Agency Register

Juno Media has been recommended by clients across a number of areas, including everything from creativity to professionalism. We rated highly across the board, and more than met the high standard

Is your website Cookie Compliant?

Juno Web Design of Nottingham, have recently created a free module which will allow companies that use the Magento programme for their eCommerce stores, to be completely compliant with the EU Cookie Law.

On the 26th May 2011, a new EU law came into effect that enforced website owners to make changes to their sites. This included alerting users to the fact that websites use Cookies to store information about the user on the PC. The law requires websites to inform users that their information will be stored and they can confirm that they are happy with that process, then continue browsing. Companies have been given up until the 26th May 2012 and if not compliant, could face fines of up to £500,000.

As a reaction to this EU directive,JunoWebDesign, based in Nottingham, have produced a Free Cookie Law Compliance Magento Module, specifically for those companies that use the Magento

Hitchhike with a “like”

The VW Beetle, an iconic motor vehicle has been given a new look and an interesting launch platform.

VW Beetle Hitchhike with a like









Volkswagen plan to launch the new 3rd Generation Beetle later this year, using Facebook as their chosen platform.

The new Hitchhike with a “like” game will appear on their dedicated Facebook page and the campaign was created by Tribal DDB, an agency in Amsterdam. The winners of the competition will travel around Europe in a new 3rd generation VW Beetle.

The game encourages users to reach a European city of their choice by “Hitchhiking”. Points are collected along the way to unlock prizes and release special music tracks. Every time a user is offered a virtual “ride” by one of the games characters, a short film is played. If the user collects enough points, they could be in for

Drawing, the worlds new favourite pastime.

Mobile application- Draw Something, has knocked the biggest used app-Angry Birds off the top spot. To date Draw Something has been downloaded by 50 Million users and that number is still growing.

The game is played between friends and the premis is that you guess what the other person have drawn, earning you points and coins.  A great interactive game which passes the time. It was only launched 50 days ago and has already achieved an incredible following. It steps up against the most popular app and game of 2011- Angry Birds, which spurred massive followings and a range of merchandise.

draw something iphone app Drawing, the worlds new favourite pastime.

Draw something now sits at the top of the charts in both the iTunes paid and free sections.

Over 6 billion doodles have been shared between users since the game has been

PR stunts that make the headlines

Last week involved a flurry of PR stunts that made the headline, many food based, which caught our attention at JPR Marketing.

For all those caffeine addicts visiting the coffee chain Starbucks last week, if they introduced themselves and told the staff their names, they received a free Latte!

Free Tall Latte at Starbucks 300x300 PR stunts that make the headlines

Mr Kipling thrilled cake fans by creating interactive advert sites which dispensed FREE CAKES. 19 sites offered 500 free cakes a day and the poster campaigns let off a lovely sweet smell of cake.

Cadburys celebrated their half a million visitors on GOOGLE+ by creating a giant chocolate version of their social media website.

Pizza lovers have been drawn to the Domino’s Facebook page, where, if they spend over £10 on orders, they will receive free cookies. Finally, ice cream Kings Ben and Jerrys

Juno goes Silver with Magento

Nottingham-based media company- Juno Web Design, has officially become a Silver Partner to e-commerce platform- Magento. As only 1 of 11 silver partners in the whole of the UK, Juno Web Design provides a range of services including the implementation and integration of Magento, one of the most powerful and efficient platforms for online retailers. Juno has been producing cutting edge e-commerce stores since its birth back in 2007. CEO David Wiltshire grew the company from a single designer, to a team of around 25 people. The team contributes to the creation of Magento sites from first designs to final content and the continued support and maintenance of the retail sites.

i95 Magento silver partner Juno goes Silver with Magento

The Silver stamp of Magento approval means Juno Web Design are now recognised experts in using this specific platform to create

Dr Carlos Xavier

Dr Carlos Xavier is the brainchild behind a popular skin clinic based in Cheshire. Natura Skin Clinic offers a range of non invasive treatments, which provides incredible results and eliminates the worry for clients considering surgery, to improve their looks and re create that youthful glow.

natura skin clinic lth31 Dr Carlos Xavier

Dr Carlos Xavier employed the skills of Juno Web Design to create a brand new website. The Juno team built a very sturdy site using WordPress and customising templates. This enables the team and the client to input content on a regular basis and manage the look of the site.

Dr Xavier hopes that the new site will reflect the way he and his team feel about treatments.

The reason for the creation of Natura Skin Clinic was due to the fact many patients visited Dr Xavier and mentioned how