What are the key points to a successful Internet Marketing campaign?

Here at JPR Marketing we believe they are as follows:

1. Brand Awareness

The best converting and most loyal website traffic comes from people who actually know about your brand.  A brand such as Amazon.com doesn’t even need to advertise or do any online marketing to get millions of people to their site every month willing to buy products.

Having a well known brand can lead to many advantages such as free advertising, repeat custom and a positive reputation whether it be a real reputation or just a perceived reputation.

JPR know the importance of branding and try and associate each brand name to the appropriate product or service.  A  logo in a prominent place on a website can work wonders as well as the brand name repeated in key areas of the site like for example besides a tick-list of the product’s advantages.

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2. Traffic

A website without much traffic is like having a bricks and mortar shop in the middle of an empty field.  A website at the top of search engines is like having a store on every major high street in the UK and remember these stores are open 24/7.

We use the latest Search Engine Marketing techniques to propel sites to the top of search engines such as Google when a user types in a specific keyword.  The number one position in Google (currently the UK’s most popular search engine) will get you 30-40% of the people searching for the term to your website!

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3. Conversions

The way you present your product or service can make a whole world of difference when it comes to a potential sale or not.  Conversions are the percentage of visitors to the site which convert into paying customers or new clients.

You could have a website with thousands of people visiting it per month but if it’s hard to use, looks ugly or simply doesn’t work then you could still make zero sales.  The JPR Internet Marketing team looks at every aspect of a website from design to functionality.  With many years of conversion optimisation experience JPR tweek, chop and change websites to gain more sales per visitors which is all tracked and proven with statistical software.

If you sold Lawn Mowers for example then we guarantee you will sell more Lawn Mowers if you emphasise the advantages of using your Lawn Mower instead of the features of the Lawn Mower.  There are over 100 different factors like the previous example which can increase conversions; JPR ensure a website starts on a good footing and then continually endeavor to improve on those results over time.

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4. Social Media and Online Virals

Whether you like it or not social media plays a large role in online PR and can only get bigger and more influential over time.

“Web 2.0″ as the latest social media is called connects large corporations directly with consumers and potential customers.  This can go either way for companies from positive messages such as “look at the cool product…” all the way to a whole wave of negativity which can seriously damage a brand and reputation.  JPR Marketing monitors social media through channels such as Twitter or Facebook and more importantly interacts with new or existing customers to ensure any issues are quickly dealt with and try and turn first time customers into loyal repeat customers.

Exciting news spreads very quickly across social media channels, online virals such as humorous videos or interactive games are the quickest way to launch any product/service off the ground.

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5. Email Marketing

When a person enters their details into a form on your website they are effectively giving you permission to advertise to them!

Emails are a sure fire way to broadcast out about your promotions, offers, new products etc. to many different people directly into their inboxes.  Some of these people may not have seen your website in many months or even years and now you could be giving them a huge reason to do so.

Emails can be collected in a few ways online, examples include newsletter sign-ups, online virals and customers who buy any products or services.  JPR Marketing use ‘double opt-in’ email software to ensure every email broadcast sent out lands in people’s inboxes and not in the usual spam folder.  We ask for the email user’s permission to send out marketing information to ensure a quality send-through rate.

Conversion and click-through rates can be effected by even something as simple as the ‘Subject Line’ and we test out different combinations to ensure as many people open and use the email as possible.

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These are the main key areas for Internet Marketing; failure on one of these areas could lead to negative results or worse. Many other Internet Marketing companies don’t encompass all of these key areas and try to hide the fact with technical babble.

JPR Marketing do focus on all aspect of Internet Marketing and have been working with some very exciting new clients recently. We’re looking forward to the next challenge in the world of public relations online, perhaps you can help us and we can help you, don’t hesitate, call us right now on 0845 544 1764

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