Play your social networking cards right

These days we all know how important social media can be to a marketing campaign. It can be a great way to interact with customers and attract attention on a whole other level, ultimately (or at least ideally) boosting your level of traffic and getting those must-have conversions. But, it isn’t always as simple as it first appears. Numerous social networking blunders as well as the vast differences in demographics means you really need to play your cards right, and it’s all about changing your strategy to suit the site.

iPhone Playing Cards 300x217 Play your social networking cards right

Take Pinterest, for example. It’s one of the fastest-growing social networking sites out there and can be a huge driver of traffic, offering a unique platform that can transform your prospects by offering a direct link to your ecommerce operations. But it’s only going to add value to your brand if you use it differently to other sites. You can’t just replicate Facebook content (for example) but should instead use it for what it is—a chance to aggregate visuals from across the web, giving users an interesting experience that isn’t solely focused on you. But, you can of course pin directly to your ecommerce site, offering consumers a unique window-shopping experience and great sales potential for you.

Other sites need to be viewed in the same way. It’s all about understanding your audience as well as the purpose of the site, with Twitter (for example) needing to be a lot more informal than the likes of LinkedIn or even Google+. You need to interact with your audience in the right way, offering opportunities for engagement whilst providing content they can work with, and that means any brand needs to develop a solid social networking strategy to suit. Get it wrong and it could be a real marketing faux pas, so play your social media cards right and you could attract attention for all the right reasons.

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