Realise the potential of Facebook ads

Social networking is already a highly effective way to get your business noticed, but what about turning it up a notch? The Facebook Paid Ads programme has huge potential and can be a fantastic string to your marketing bow, and if done well it can lead to great results. But just how can you make the most of this advertising opportunity?
facebook ads2 Realise the potential of Facebook ads First up, you need to take advantage of the targeting features on offer. You can be as broad or as specific as you like, narrowing your audience or widening your advertising reach, and you can look at far more than age, gender and geographical location—a whole range of demographics can be targeted covering everything from interests and connections to workplaces and education, offering huge scope and giving you the chance to define your audience far more precisely.

Then you need to think about how you’re going to put your ad together. It’s important to remember that users don’t generally use Facebook to look at ads—they come to connect with other people, look at photos and interact with friends, and that means you need to make your ads interesting enough to tempt users away from their usual routine. You need to grab attention and you can do that in a number of different ways:

    Use bold colours, visuals and eye-catching logos

    Add a coloured border to your advert to make it stand out

    Link your ads to a specific offer or promotion, giving users a reason to click

    Incorporate text into your main image using a bold font, ideally a call to action in a few words

But, no matter how good your adverts are, it’s important to change them regularly. You want to keep things fresh to continue attracting an audience—Facebook users have been trained to ignore marketing messages and will quickly get burned out, so avoid repetition if you want to keep things new and appealing. Go about things the right way and you can easily realise the potential of Facebook ads, so bear in mind these points and you could soon notice the difference to your marketing campaign.

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