Juggling a business is hard enough without the undue stress of organising, finalising and planning social calendars and placement as well.

This is where we come to the rescue. Here at JPR our sole aim is to make your business life easier for you and your company. We pride ourselves with great staff, whom together have a vast array of professional knowledge and sustained initiative in how to generate editorial in order to make sure that your business is seen in not only a positive light, but that that light is gleaming!

We use our joint knowledge and initiative in order to seize all opportunities possible, from profiles and opinions to planned features and letters, we aim to place your products in features and then follow every avenue in pursuit of the best forms of coverage for your business.

So why not let JPR bring your business into the light?

There are many benefits to media relations:

  • Increasing your organization’s profile in the media and the local community.
  • Provides better stakeholder attention
  • Is an economical means of promoting your business
  • Generates more interest in your business
  • Ensures that your business is seen in a positive light


The role of media relations involves working with various media for the purpose of informing the public of a business’s products, policies and practices in a positive, credible and consistent light. The main goal of media relations is to maximize positive coverage in the mass media without directly advertising.

As every business knows positive coverage is of high importance in order to maximise your chosen products and in turn your company. Positive coverage that is carefully chosen and targeted helps to increase awareness among the key audiences that a business wishes to influence. Added media coverage is highly sought after and in most cases a necessity for a business as third party endorsement of the media, gives your business greater credibility.

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