Beers of Europe claims UK’s biggest Belgian Beers range

Our clients Beers of Europe went on a tear in 2013, hugely expanding their e-commerce presence online with a range of digital marketing initiatives.

Now, the King’s Lynn based beer and cider retailer is set to hit the ground running in 2014, and we’re delighted to continue working with them on social media and copywriting projects.

The firm has an unbeatable range of beers for sale online, including the largest range of Belgian beers available in the UK.


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Consumers becoming increasingly wary of data collection

Research from The Data Agency and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has revealed a startling, but not all that surprising, truth – that customers are becoming increasingly wary of data collection strategies. They trust retailers with their personal, private information a lot less than they used to, arguably as a result of the huge focus on data collection over the last few years, indicating that brands have a lot of work to do in order to regain their customers’ trust.

data collection e1377616414760 Consumers becoming increasingly wary of data collection

The figures might seem positive at first glance – over a third of people feel that their information is kept secure by supermarkets whilst 28% can say the same for high street brands, but look a little closer and you’ll soon see it’s not

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eBay and Dressipi team up to personalise the shopping experience

Ecommerce giant eBay has just added another string to its already enormous bow – it’s piloting a personalised recommendations system by teaming up with fashion and tech start-up Dressipi, integrating the brand new technology into its Fashion Gallery to help shoppers make better decisions.

Dressipi eBay and Dressipi team up to personalise the shopping experience

The system will automatically give shoppers a carefully curated selection of clothes and accessories that have been handpicked by Dressipi’s team of personal stylists, but they’ll have the opportunity to go on from that to create their very own “fashion fingerprint” for tailor-made results. Essentially, this is personalisation for the new age – shoppers will simply need to answer a few questions about their size, shape, preferences and even their confidence levels and will be presented

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Brands quick to get on the Royal baby bandwagon

A major national event is always a great opportunity for brands to have some fun with their campaigns. It’s the perfect excuse to capitalise on the media storm and generate new attention, and as you’d expect, after news of the Royal baby’s arrival it didn’t take long for them to get in on the action. Social media was used to great effect with a lot of brands tweeting or posting their cleverly-branded congratulations, whilst the general press saw a lot of brand power too. Here’s our pick of a few of the best campaigns we’ve spotted over the last ten days…

Warburtons baby e1375264304905 Brands quick to get on the Royal baby bandwagon

Coca Cola. The drinks giant used their current personalised name campaign to great effect, encouraging people to share

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Eliminate trial and error with effective online monitoring

These days marketing budgets can be eaten up incredibly quickly. There are so many different areas to target that streamlining processes is essential to make sure budgets go further, but with online marketing being a relatively new discipline there tends to be a high reliance on trial and error. But, that’s far from ideal—mistakes could be costly and will deliver little or no ROI, and that’s why it’s important to understand consumer behaviour before strategies can be developed. That’s where online monitoring comes in.

online monitoring e1372769051326 Eliminate trial and error with effective online monitoring

By keeping track of your various social media channels and monitoring your online presence you’ll be able to boost brand reputation whilst having a highly personalised method of interaction with your target audience, but of course, you

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Utilising social CRM for business benefit

Social networking has become a vital part of the marketing machine, with businesses of all kinds reaping the rewards of this level of customer interaction. It can provide valuable data as well, giving companies the chance to boost business intelligence and carefully monitor brand perceptions whilst improving customer relationships at the same time, but with so much to go through it can be difficult to stay on top of things. Unless, of course, you implement a social CRM strategy to accommodate.

social Utilising social CRM for business benefit

By utilising various social CRM processes it’ll be possible to monitor, analyse and act upon the wealth of social media data you have access to, with organisation being key. It’s a vast landscape you’ve got to cover but with the help of the right

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2013 is truly the year of the mobile

In recent years there’s been a major shift in the marketing arena—the shift from desktop to mobile. The last few months in particular have seen enormous growth in the sector with the entire landscape having changed in a relatively short space of time, and if you thought 2012 was big for mobile you haven’t seen anything yet! The first half of 2013 has witnessed even more growth with brands increasingly using this channel to target consumers, and it seems to be working—more and more of them now choose to shop through their mobile devices with 2012 being a flagship year, and if current trends continue things are set to get even bigger.

Mobile Shop 2013 is truly the year of the mobile

 Let’s look at the facts. Over Christmas 2012 the levels

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Is all publicity good publicity?

There was once a time when any publicity was thought to be good for business. Even negative media coverage got a brand noticed and it was usually pretty easy to start the PR machine and get things back on track, but these days that’s no longer the case. The transparent and immediate nature of today’s online society means brands need to be careful—if they miss the mark the negative publicity can quickly spiral out of control, and if that happens even the savviest of marketers can find it difficult to put things right.

 thumbs up down Is all publicity good publicity?

That means brands are becoming increasingly reluctant to take risks, particularly in the advertising sphere. Once upon a time a single ad campaign could rarely damage a brand which meant marketers were more open to

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How to make your press release work for you

Press releases are a core part of any marketing campaign, having the power to get the attention you need for the sales you want. But, you need to spend time making sure your release is up to scratch—unless it hits the right notes it won’t generate the level of interest you’re after and the whole exercise will have been pointless, so we’ve put together a few tips that can ensure your press release will work for you and your business.

press How to make your press release work for youMake sure you’ve got something to say. Sending out a press release for the sake of it will do you no favours and could actually annoy the journalists you’re sending it out to, so don’t think that every event is newsworthy—a press release needs to have a distinct topic and there

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Dealing with a PR crisis

A lot of brands suffer from negative publicity from time to time, but the key to recovery is how they deal with such a crisis. In the PR world it’s all about developing an effective crisis communications strategy in order to overcome negative perceptions and get back on track, and there are three key areas you need to focus on so you can ensure that.

in a pr crisis theres no room for no comment Dealing with a PR crisis

1. KNOWLEDGE. You need to give consumers sufficient knowledge of the issue as well as detailing ways you intend to rectify the situation, taking away speculation so the rumour mill can’t get going. People will often fill in gaps of knowledge with their own suspicions, but if you focus on the facts the word of mouth response should be much

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