JPR Marketing is the Online Marketing Consultancy based in Nottingham. We offer a range of services that embrace the power of the World Wide Web and get your company featuring on a variety of platforms, climbing the search engine rankings.

As a company, would you like to:

Drive more traffic to your website?

See tangible results?

See yourself on page one of Google results?

Engage with more web users through Social Media?

Be promoted through relative news stories?

Gain inquiries through great PR?


JPR Marketing can make these requests realistic.

We only believe in organic techniques and can provide branding and SEO strategies. These tools can boost the performance of your site. Not only driving more visitors, but increasing your status in search engine results. We work alongside a range of companies which provide Web Design, eCommerce Design and Integration, SEO Specialists and Copywriting. As a team we can provide a variety of features, allowing you to pick and choose your requirements, or we can put together a package that will manage your online presence.

The consultancy side of our business works with companies to show them how to make the most of their online tools and continue to gain traffic, using clever techniques and superb tips. JPR Marketing can look at how well your site and digital marketing is working and offer you advice on the best practice to improve your web presence.

From the creation of a brand new web site, filled with relative SEO content and marketed online, to expanding your global presence, you can watch your website grow, right before your eyes. You may realise, these results do not happen over night, but with years of experience, JPR Marketing has a proven system of successful online marketing.

Although based in Nottingham, JPR Marketing has a range of UK and overseas clients who use our online marketing consultancy services on a regular basis. We have had great success in gaining pole position in Google for a variety of keywords. If you would like more information about our success stories, simply call us, we’ll be happy to share and show you our hard work.

We aim to provide the best and most honest service, bespoke to your requirements. For more information about online marketing, contact JRP Marketing today.




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