Do you want to maximise your company’s potential, but don’t want to pay heavy prices for advertising?

Well, here at JPR we can help you do exactly that by producing different forms of text for your business. If you want to get your business recognised then using press releases is a sure fire way to go about it.

We aim to aid your business in not only writing your press releases but we do all the leg work in attracting favourable media attention to your product via the release of the press that we have provided publicly for your product or event and so in turn your company name.

In the same way we offer press releases to our clients, here at JPR we also offer copy writing services.

Our team has vast experience in a wide range of sectors, making your copy nothing but the best on the market!

There are many benefits to press releases and copywriting:

  • Inexpensive form of advertising
  • Increases traffic to your website
  • Enhances your online reputation
  • Drive online sales through persuasive, engaging and relevant text
  • Generates traffic to your website


A press release is a sample of writing that announces a piece of news, an event, or a product. Magazines, newspapers, television networks, and radio stations as well as online resources will publish this announcement if your news story peaks interest.The purpose of copy, whether it be a press release or just general promotional copy for your website, is to raise the reader, listener or viewers interests and so in turn persuade them to act, i.e. to buy your product.

The main advantage to copywriting is that if you write regular news items for your website based around keywords and phrases that you want your company to be well ranked for, Google will reward you and in time you will see your improved search engine rankings.

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