“Public Relations is the skillful art of making your product, your concept, your idea not only known but desired.”

Strategic Campaign Planning

JPR skillfully analyzes the current market and trends in the field to create a campaign plan that utilizes the best possible combination of media. The perfect synchronisation of print, radio, television and outdoor exposure, ensures a consistent message is delivered to potential customer base and recalled on numerous occasions.

Media Relations

Let JPR ensure that your company is seen in nothing less than a positive light. Juggling a business is hard enough without the undue stress of organising social calendars and placement.

Digital PR

We are living and breathing in a modern era full of new technologies and development. JPR Marketing is equipped and experienced in maximizing exposure to your face book, MySpace and twitter accounts. Keep your customers interested and keep your customers for life!!

Event Management

Design, Location, Time, Goodies, Promotion——— JPR Media handles this all to ensure you obtain the guests you want and your company/product need!

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