At JPR marketing we work together through research and skilful analysis of current market trend to find opportunity for your business. Our research and experience forms the basis for the creation of a campaign plan for your business that utilises the best possible combination of media and will generate the best possible return.

A strategic campaign is a marketing and advertising ‘plan of action’ that is uniquely set out and geared towards achieving long term plans and goals for your business. The essence of strategic planning begins with figuring out what your set business goals are. A plan must then be devised as to how those goals are going to not only be met, but also how they are going to be maximised to their full potential.

  • Ensure that your brand is recognised
  • Ensure maximum exposure for your product
  • Meeting your specific business goals
  • Target the right audience for your business/ product
  • Ensure that your company is seen in nothing less than a positive light


Fundamentally in public relations, not only is a campaign plan to be devised, but also clever techniques are used in order to identify the target audience for that campaign plan, and to tailor every message to appeal to that specific chosen audience.

Implementing the pragmatic, yet perfect combination of print, radio, television and outdoor exposure, ensures a consistent message is delivered to potential customer base and target audience which can then be recalled on numerous occasions.

In practice this sounds simple, however, it’s not as simple as it may initially seem as there are many factors which must be present in order for a strategic campaign plan to be successful. This is where we at JPR marketing come in.

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